多様な高度選別ニーズをトータルサポート 多様な高度選別ニーズをトータルサポート

We can correspond to various materials and purposes, for example
RPF production equipment, Sorting production for mixed metal , Crushing drying system,
Recycling facility for incombustible bulky waste , etc .

The Recycle Test Center (in the headquarters)

Ballistic Separator

Reliability based on the experience in the European markets. Sorting machine made by STADLER Co. Ltd.

Using the screening paddle, mixed waste can be sorted into different fractions , flat and light materials :2D, rolling and heavy materials :3D and fines. These machines featuring angle adjustment mechanism and power saving, have been used more than 750 around the world. Trial test in our Recycle Test Center is available.

製品カタログ:バリスティックセパレーター(PDF:9.3MB) Click to detail
Optical Sorter

high-precision sorting machine with advanced technique, made by TOMRA Co. Ltd.

A combination of optical sensor and pressurized air, mixed waste can be separated precisely. More than 4,000 machines have been used around the world. The sensors of near infrared, visible rays and metal are equipped on our Sorter in Recycle Test Center. Trial test is also available.


Applicable up to a particle diameter of 300 mm
Vibratory Air Separator manufactured by JÖST(Germany)

Using both vibration and wind force, this machine ensures a very high degree of separation. In addition to a standard plate type, a drum type is offered to separate materials that contain water. Equipped with a filter tube, it does not require a dust collector.

製品カタログ:エアバイブ(PDF:1.8MB) 詳細はこちら
Zig Zag Air Separator

Over 20 years of sales results
Air separator manufactured by JÖST(Germany)

This machine offers a high-precision separation due to its multistage cross-flow process.
Equipped with a filter tube, it does not require a dust collector.

製品カタログ:ジグザグエアセパレーター(PDF:2.1MB) 詳細はこちら
K-Sifter Air Separation Table

Over 20 years of sales results
Air separator manufactured by JÖST(Germany)

Combined with the K-shifter, this separation table is capable of separating ultralight, light and heavy particles. The partitions built inside allow three different materials to be placed into the machine at the same time. At such times, the air flow can be adjusted for each material, ensuring a high-precision separation.

製品カタログ:Kシフターエアセパレーションテーブル(PDF:1.8MB) 詳細はこちら
Metal Recovering Electrostatic Separator

Suitable for recovering metal particle and removing foreign substance

Sorting the conductor and insulator is suitable for this separator which is joint development with Hitachi Zosen Corporation. It can be Recovering mixed metal and removing foreign metal from mixed waste.

製品カタログ:静電選別金属回収装置(PDF:0.4MB) Click to detail
Shrreding and sorting machine for wasted home electric appliances

Recycling system for wasted home electric appliances

Small home electric appliances can be shredded until hand-sorting is available in shape. Particle size can be adjusted in this system, so recovering the valuables is available effectively.

製品カタログ:【小型家電破砕選別設備】(PDF 0.4MB) Click to detail
Paper proccesing machine

The paper separated gypsum can be utilized

The paper separated gypsum can be utilized This system can sort out the gypsum and paper from the wasted gypsum board precisely. Our Paper Processing Machine provides the function of separating the gypsum from gypsum board so that recycling paper can be utilized.

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