To the Resource Circulation Society

The Recycle Test Center has been completed in our Headquarters, in which you can verify the series of flow and performance, from shredding to sorting and recycling. And customers can also bring the sample materials for example non-rigid plastic, rigid plastic, concrete wastes, etc.

Usage of this Center is possible anytime.

Recyle Test Center equipment

  • Shredding: Fuji Malti-Cutter
    This all-round cutter can be adopted to home electric appliances, FRP products, furniture, waste paper, tatami mat, carpet, woods, paper tube, aluminum, electric wire, resin block, roll film, etc.
  • Sorting: Ballistic Separator
    Using the screening paddle, mixed waste can be sorted into different fractions , flat and light materials :2D, rolling and heavy materials :3D and fines.
  • Recycling: RPF Station
    Based on our plenty of experiences, orginal temperature control and cutting method have enabled production of precise fuel. Forming the fuel out of waste plastic 100% is also available.
  • Sorting: Optical Sorter
    A combination of optical sensor and pressurized air, mixed waste can be separated precisely.
  • Sorting: Air Vibe
    Using both vibration and wind force, mixed waste can be sorted light materials and heavy materials. The degree and position at the inner plate is adjustable for the property of waste.
  • Sorting: Flip Flow Screen
    7 size of screens are available for this screen.(3, 5, 10, 15, 40, 50, 100mm)These screens are made from urethane to prevent from clogging the holes.
  • Sorting: K-Sifter Air Separation Table
    Coated copper wire within 20mm can be sorted precisely into different fractions, light materials, heavy materials, and dust.
  • Sorting: Zig Zag Air Separater
    Materials are spreaded and sorted precisely using wind force and 14 zig-zag steps.

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