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Our Efforts on CSR

To carry out our social responsibility as a company and continue to be a company trusted by various stakeholders, we deploy many efforts regarding CSR and compliance.

For observing related laws and regulations, we regularly provide our officers and employees with compliance training to continuously raise their compliance awareness.

The basic matters that particularly need to be observed have been stipulated as the Fuji Car Manufacturing’s Code of Conduct for creating thorough awareness inside the company.

Regarding the products and services that we provide for our customers, we not only comply with safety standards but have also continued to strive as part of our risk management measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the problems that have occurred before.

As for information asset management, we perform an information asset risk assessment based on the Electronic Information Security Rules that we specified.

Accordingly, we keep a strict management on our customers and internal information using our internal monitoring system.

Furthermore, to enhance the cooperation with our local community, we carry out various activities as an active member of the community. Such activities include participating in the cleaning activities in the neighborhood areas of our headquarters and plant, and preparing to form a cooperation scheme with the local government for a major disaster and to establish an evacuation center on our premises in such times.

Meguru Torii President,
Fuji Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Fuji Car Manufacturing’s Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been established as the standards for actions of all employess working at Fuji Car Manufacturing, which specifies the matters that must be observed by them.
This Code of Conduct is also a rule. A violation of the Code serves as the ground for disciplinary penalties specified in our work regulations and labor agreement.

<General Rules>

We not only comply with laws and regulations but also respect social norms and always try to act in a sensible manner.
We also comply with the rules and regulations set by the company.

  • (1)We comply with domestic and overseas laws and regulations.
  • (2)We comply with the rules and regulations set by the company, including the management system specified in ISO standards and OHSAS.
  • (3)We fully understand the desired corporate ethics and act responsibly in a sensible manner as a member of society.

Our Code of Conduct specifies the matters to be observed as follows.

Relationship with society
  • 1. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • 2. Donations, political contributions, etc.
  • 3. Elimination of any relationships with antisocial forces
  • 4. Environmental conservation/preservation
  • 5. Security/trade control
  • 6. Importation
Relations with customers, business partners, and competitors
  • 1. Quality and safety
  • 2. Compliance with the antitrust law
  • 3. Appropriate business transaction with suppliers/compliance with the subcontracting law
  • 4. Prevention of unfair competition
  • 5. Business entertainment/gifts
  • 6. Appropriate advertisements and promotions
Relationship with stockholders and investors
  • 1. Disclosure of management information
  • 2. Prohibition of insider trading
Internal relationship
  • 1. Respect for human rights/prohibition of discrimination
  • 2. Sexual harassment
  • 3. Privacy protection
  • 4. Compliance with the labor relations act
Company and corporate assets
  • 1. Compliance with the work regulations
  • 2. Appropriate accounting processing
  • 3. Prohibition of conflict of interest
  • 4. Prohibition of political and religious activities
  • 5. Information management
  • 6. Appropriate use of corporate assets
  • 7. Appropriate use of information system
  • 8. Protection of intellectual property

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