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特色ある各種特装車ラインナップ 特色ある各種特装車ラインナップ

FUJI CAR has been producing various refuse collection vehicle, such as Clean Packer,
Tipping Rotary Press, Mobile scrapped car press vehicle that is corresponding to the End-of-Life
Vehicle Recycling Law, etc. We are providing the products that are contributing to the symbiosis
of human being and environment.

Tipping Rotary Press "CUTICK" (Refuse collection vehicle for timbers and bamboo)

Patent-pending technology

New Tipping Rotary Press Car

Not only pruning ordinary timbers, but crushing bamboo is also available. This vehicle can be ridden into the growing field of bamboos , so the efficient transport of bamboo becomes possible.

Tipping Rotary Press" (refuse collection vehicle for pruning timbers)

Director General of Science and Technology Agency Prize winnning product

Garbage truck equipped crusher for pruning timbers


"Tipping Rotary Press" is a refuse processing vehicle equipped with high performance uniaxial crusher, accomplished by our waste treatment technology, at the tail side of our "Rotary Press". As pruned timbers are crushed at the spot, "Tipping Rotary Press" contributes to volume reduction for easy transportation and to green recycling.

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Rotary Mini

For narrow paths, "Rotary Mini" is just fit light garbage truck.

"Rotary Mini" collects garbage efficiently preventing the dispersal of sewage odor along narrow paths where conventional garbage truck cannot drive in. "Rotary Mini", mini-type vehicle, enables in light-footed to collect garbage.

Rotary Press (Refuse collection vehicle loaded with rotating container)

An exclusive product!

"Rotary Press" will prevent anticipated problems of overloading.

"Rotary Press" loads up the collected refuse, while rotating the drum, by catching up the refuse. It allows continuous loading without dispersal of waste water and ensures safe workability because of no rotating plate and that no risk of stucking.

Press Loader (compression plate type refuse collection vehicles)

"Press Loader" boasts high compression capability.

"Press Loader" crushes and compresses in the cargo hopper, then press it to extrusion plate. "Press Loader" is refuse collection vehicle carring high compression capability because of its dual compression before loading.

Clean Packer (garbage collection vehicle with rotating plate type)

"Clean Packer" boasts excellent durability and high performance.

The collected refuse in the hopper is lifted to the entrance of container with the rotating plate and load the refuse by pushing board.

Mobile Scrapped Car Press Vehicle

Mobile scrapped car press vehicle is ideal for recycling of scrapped cars.

Mobile press vehicles is equipped with powerful swing-type cranes and compresses scrapped cars by soft-press down to the thickness of about 250mm within 3 minutes.

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