We highly appreciate the continuous support you have provided to Fuji Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since our foundation in 1925 as a forging machinery manufacturer, we have devoted ourselves to provide trusted products and related services by developing and creating new technologies to meet our customers’ needs changing with the times.

To further advance our technologies and know-how acquired through our long experience in businesses such as “environmental machinery and plant-related business” and “vehicle businesses focusing on LPG bulk-trucks and garbage trucks,” we will functionally integrate them into TAKEEI's recycling scheme and know-how. Accordingly, we are determined as an “environmental engineering company” to provide products with new added value and further enhance our service quality.

We have formed the following guidelines to serve as a compass to guide Fuji Car Manufacturing in helping establish a resource circulation society.

“What Fuji Car Manufacturing aims to become”

1. Management philosophy‥‥‥

the promise that Fuji Car Manufacturing makes to the society

We will help establish a resource recycling society through trust and quality.

2.Management visions‥‥‥

the promises that Fuji Car Manufacturing makes to the society and every one of our customers and employees to achieve our management philosophy

(1)We aim to become one of the leading companies in the recycling field and high-pressure container business by growing together with society and customers and enhancing the competitiveness of our products to satisfy them.

(2)We aim to establish a workplace where every employee can engage in friendly competition and achieve self-fulfillment.

3.Action guidelines‥‥‥‥‥

the promises that every employee makes to the society and company, which are used as the guidelines for their actions

−For ensuring that our actions are based on morals and ethics−
  • (1)"3 actual goods comes first" Principle
  • Get back to the basics of manufacturing.
  • (2)Law-abiding spirit/Environmental conservation/Safety first
  • Observe compliance.
  • (3)Customer satisfaction/Quality improvement
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and create new customers.
  • (4)Inventiveness/Mutual trust
  • Take on challenges and be unique.
  • (5)Self-fulfillment
  • Make challenging efforts in personnel and technological development.

November 16 , 2018


We hope to receive your continuous support and patronage to our company.

Meguru Torii, President

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