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循環型社会の一翼を担う廃棄物処理設備・機械 循環型社会の一翼を担う廃棄物処理設備・機械

Fuji Car Manufacturing's Waste Treatment Systems are suitable for various purposes ,from shredding of large-sized waste to sorting and recycling process. We are preparing a varied products in order to contribute for making the recycling society.


Stubborn structure and trusted performance. Based on a various experiences, we can offer the most suitable plan.

▪Process example by Mono-Rotor (uniaxial) Crusher "Fuji Multi-Cutter"

Advanced Sorting Machine

Material sorting, recovery of valuables and removal of foreign substances can be available. We can offer the appropriate systems in accordance with the situation of customers.

RPF conversion to fuel

Not only corresponding to various capacity from 300kg/h to 10t/h, but also we can improve the quality of RPF in our proposed facilities.

・Process example by Fuji RPF Station FR300

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